Milemead Fisheries consists of 5 Coarse waters in total.

CARP Nメ SILVERS LAKE (Old Carp Lake) 35 Pegs – 2 Acres

SPECIMEN CARP LAKE 10 Pegs – 3 Acres including the new extension.
For the experienced Carp angler.

CAT Nメ CARP LAKE 12 Pegs – 2 Acres. (Formerly our Match Lake)
All places must be pre-booked and 24 Hour sessions or longer must be paid for at the time of booking.

Overnight fishing is allowed.


All Anglers must have a large padded beanie mat and a minimum 36メメ landing net to fish this Lake.
Under 16メs must be accompanied by an Adult. Sorry, No Under 10メs allowed to stay overnight.


CANAL AND CANAL BASIN Our 2 smaller Coarse waters which are linked together allowing the fish stock to move freely between the two waters. Keepnets are allowed on both stretches.
Float fishing only except when using a floating surface bait when no float is allowed!
No bigger than a size 12 hook applies to both waters to ensure that the fish remain in good condition.
No overnight fishing allowed on either water.

Mill Hill
PL19 8NP

01822 610888

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