History is waiting to grab you in this ancient yet vibrant and relevant town. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tavistock has great heritage provenance in trade, architecture, religion and manufacture.

Growing from its origin, the wealthiest Abbey in Devon since the 10th Century, to being the home of Sir Francis Drake during his formative years, Tavistock never seems to stop bringing fascinating history to life.

Mining metals and limestone sold across the world, exporting ironwork as far as Brazil, playing a significant part in establishing the woollen trade and being built on classic Gothic architecture there is a firm foundation to it’s current status as a World Heritage Site.

Visits by many powerful and influential figures has shaped Tavistock as a central point of trade, debate and discovery. From founders of religions to a marauding army of vikings, from Royalty (and their soldiers) to engineers and architects, Tavistock has been shaped and formed by some remarkable visitors.

Museum, events, information centre, heritage trails and historians leading walks in the town are available to all visitors at various times and dates year-round. But the best news is that the built heritage of Tavistock is on display 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Come and explore a town full of intriguing history and heritage, not to mention a firm foundation of trade and service, which won’t disappoint on your next visit.