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The Fishery is located in a quiet valley approximately 2 miles outside of Tavistock. 

With 5 coarse waters in total it offers something for everyone, from the complete beginner to the most serious specimen angler, with Carp to 36 lb - 5 oz's and Wels Catfish to 46 lbs. 

There is a well stocked fishing tackle and bait shop, selling top branded stock, snacks, cold drinks and most of the items that you left at home. 



CARP Nメ SILVERS LAKE (Old Carp Lake) | 35 Pegs – 2 Acres
SPECIMEN CARP LAKE | 10 Pegs – 3 Acres.

CAT Nメ CARP LAKE | 12 Pegs – 2 Acres.
Overnight fishing is allowed.

CANAL AND CANAL BASIN | Our 2 smaller Coarse waters which are linked together allowing the fish stock to move freely between the two waters. Keepnets are allowed on both stretches. No overnight fishing allowed on either water.

Mill Hill
Tavistock, Devon
PL19 8NP

01822 610888

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