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The Visitor Information Centre (VIC) is now housed inside the newly opened Guildhall Gateway Centre.


Services offered include visitor information handling, retail sales and ticketing for local attractions, as well as walking tours around the town. Although managed by a charity, the VIC will operate on a commercial basis to minimise the need for public subsidies: in particular, revenue will be raised from ticket sales, retail, advertising/sponsorship from local businesses and donations.  The VIC will also become a collection point for mobile phones and printer ink cartridges to help raise funds.

The centre will be run by volunteers and overseen by Tavistock Heritage Trust. Both Tavistock Town Council and West Devon Borough Council have contributed to the project and will continue to support it in the months and years to come.

Visit Tavistock is owned and managed by Tavistock BID. 

Opening Hours – Tuesday through to Saturday – 10.00 am until 4 pm

Tavistock Visitor Information Centre,

The Guildhall Gateway Centre

Tavistock, Devon PL19 0AE
01822 813946 /


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