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Whether it’s in the car parks or on-street parking, Tavistock has plenty of space for both locals and visitors.

There are 9 car parks in Tavistock and more parking available on the main streets – on street parking is restricted to and free for 1 hour. There are spaces in each car park for disabled badge holders. Standard charges apply. The council owned car parks located in the town are:

Abbey, PL19 9AS – 4 hours max stay
Bedford, PL19 0EA – 4 hours £2, a
ll day parking only £4
Bank Square, PL19 0DS – 1 hour max stay
Brook Street, PL19 0HD (Multi Storey) – All day parking only £4 (upper tiers), short stay 3 hours max stay (lower tiers)
Chapel Street, PL19 8DX – 3 hours max stay
Guildhall Square, PL19 0AE – 1 hour max stay
Riverside, PL19 9AZ – All day parking only £2.50
Russell Street, PL19 8BD – 2 hours max stay
The Wharf, PL19 0EA – 3 hours max stay

To see the latest parking information visit West Devon Borough Council or Parkopedia

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