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Tavistock and its surrounding areas are a paradise for walking enthusiasts, offering an array of captivating trails and routes that cater to all levels of hikers.


The town, nestled on the edge of Dartmoor National Park and the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, provides the perfect launchpad for exploring the stunning landscapes of the West Country on foot. 

Dartmoor, a sprawling and rugged national park, is a walker's dream. Tavistock serves as a gateway to this wild and beautiful terrain, making it easy to access some of the most iconic routes in the region. The Tavistock area offers various walks, from leisurely strolls along riverbanks to challenging treks that summit the park's imposing tors. 

For those staying in Tavistock but looking for walks further afield on Dartmoor, have a look at the Visit Dartmoor website: Walking on Dartmoor.


One of the most popular walks is the Tavistock Canal and Meadowlands, a tranquil route that takes you alongside the canal, passing through beautiful meadows and woodlands. The Cotehele Estate, owned by the National Trust, provides another fantastic hiking destination, with its historic house, gardens, and extensive grounds offering a blend of history and natural beauty. 

The Tamar Valley offers a different walking experience, with its rolling hills and picturesque riverbanks. Visitors can explore quaint villages and enjoy the serenity of this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Bere Peninsula, situated on the Devon side of the Tamar, is another fantastic area to explore, featuring scenic walks with captivating river views. 

Tavistock's rich history and charming architecture also make it an intriguing town to explore on foot. A guided walk through the town can lead you to notable landmarks like the historic abbey and the statue of Sir Francis Drake. 

The town's embrace of walking extends to its annual walking festivals, which attract enthusiasts from all over. These events offer a wonderful opportunity to discover new routes, meet like-minded individuals, and immerse yourself in the local culture. 

In conclusion, Tavistock and its surrounding areas are a haven for walkers. Whether you seek the wild beauty of Dartmoor, the picturesque charm of the Tamar Valley, or the historical richness of the town itself, Tavistock offers a diverse range of walking experiences. These routes and trails, combined with the town's welcoming spirit and annual walking festivals, ensure that walking in and around Tavistock is a fulfilling and unforgettable adventure for all. 

Top Tip: It is wise to remember that the terrain can be challenging. Granite can be slippery and boggy areas can be dangerous. The weather can also change quickly and once the mists come down, it’s very easy to lose your bearings. If you aren’t an experienced walker, it’s probably better to stick to marked paths or follow a walking trail. 
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