A Blog By Runventure: I Am A Dartmoor Fell Runner

Colin, the director of Runventure, is here to talk about his Fell adventures. Discover what exactly Fell Running is and find out how you can get involved too. You can find Runventure at 7 West Street, a wonderful shop that specialises in all things running. The true running experts of Tavistock!

Dearly beloved runners,

On any random day of any unfashionable month, I can stand on Fur Tor in the northern half of Dartmoor’s true wilderness in the south west of the UK, and feel at peace, if not a tad vulnerable.

It is argued on many hill walking forums that this, or the rather unattractive lump that is Cut Hill to the east of where I stand, is amongst the most remotest of places in England.

Stood on the rough yet mist soaked granite, staring into the white fog, like staring into a TV that has no signal, it does indeed feel truly remote.

To get here, I’ve had to run over three miles from where I parked my van and I went as direct as the bogs and ‘babies heads’ or elephant grass, would allow.

To head to any metalled serviceable road - the old military circular one now in disrepair and inaccessible to all but the most robust 4 wheel drive - is a similar distance to the north.

But define remote...

Is it the straight line distance to civilisation, or is it the time it takes to reach physical solitude, or maybe it’s the terrain which can greatly influence the time and distance to reach such a spot...

The Pennines and North Yorkshire moors lay claim to be as, if not more, remote - as if it was an arm wrestle or a biggest moustache competition.

I run here, military firing ranges permitting, because there are no folk, there are no trods or paths to speak off and very little, if any in Dartmoor’s traditional clag, landmarks to navigate from. In my eyes, I’m fell running.