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My Perfect Day In Tavistock By Odds & Buds

This Itinerary is best for people looking for: Shopping, Eating and Walking (Dog Friendly!).

Today, we bring to you our next Tavistock Itinerary by Odds and Buds. It has already been a great pleasure working with the local businesses of the town to bring you locally curated itineraries... and the fun is only just beginning! Each week, we will be aiming to release one itinerary, meaning you will be sorted for fun things to do during the whole Summer.

Rosy, the owner of the beautiful florist, Odds and Buds is here to tell you her favourite way to enjoy Tavistock. You can find Odds and Buds at 1 West Street, where you will discover a charming shop front with a delightful array of flowers for every occasion, including weddings, funerals and other special occasions.


Q. Tell us a little about yourself and Odds & Buds

A. My name is Rosy Elesmore and I own the florist Odds and Buds on West Street in Tavistock. I started off in 2009 as a Saturday girl and I eventually ended up taking the shop over from my parents in 2012 after finishing all of my Floristry exams and qualifications.

Q. What do you love about Tavistock?

A. Growing up, we lived in Horrabridge and moved across the border to Launceston in Cornwall so Tavistock has always felt like home and been a base for us as a family. My Mum (Jenny Elesmore, owner of Odds & Suds) has always had her shop in Tavistock since we were very small and it has been one of the friendliest places to grow up in – everyone greeting you with a smile or a ‘Hello’ in the street and I have never felt alone here.

Q. How would you spend a perfect day in Tavistock?

A. One of my favourite things to do in the day is walking my dog Macey around the town, either following the canal path through the park, all the way past Tavistock College. Sometimes we’ll go to the other side of the town along the old railway line which takes you right under some of Tavistock’s main streets followed by a quick coffee pit stop from Eversfield Organic next to us and a snack for Macey up at Tavistock Pet Emporium after our adventure.

If I have a quieter afternoon or a day off, I like to wander through the side streets to search for all the hidden gems! Some of my favourites are Market St, Pepper St and Barley Market St. Here, you can find little local shops such as Designer Label Xchange, Liquorice Living and Chic Interiors. On Pepper Street, you can also find one of my favourite lunch spots, Black Sheep Brew where they do the most delicious salads, or scones from Mime on Paddons Row. There are so many other independent and unique retailers and restaurant/cafes around Tavistock, you could walk around all day and always have somewhere to go and see.

In the rain and shine, you will see us out and about doing local floral deliveries. This means we’re lucky to see the most beautiful views daily – a few of our favourite small villages to go and deliver to are Wier Quay, Bere Ferrer, Burrator and Brentor. If you’re going past, it’s worth going and having a look around! There are some fantastic walks around these areas as well.

Burrator Reservoir offers a beautiful spot for walks and cycling in particular. It has lots of hidden gems to discover. You will find mystical woodlands, grazing livestock and even a waterfall! Burrator is only a mere 15 minutes from Tavistock, making it the perfect trip out.

Brentor is also a wonderful place to visit and is an easy 5 minute drive from the town centre. You may want to grab some walking boots for this though... it is a bit of a hike! Once you reach the top of the hill, there is a beautiful church which still does services to this day. You can enjoy one of a kind views that are a must see for anyone visiting the area. It is an especially popular spot for sunsets and sunrises!

Tavistock is truly a hub for beautiful walks and wonderful small businesses! With local at the heart of the town, it only seems appropriate to let the shop owners show you around. Keep an eye out for more itineraries to come (View Here).

Make sure to leave a comment below on your favourite ways to enjoy Tavistock!

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