Why Tavistock Is Your Perfect Staycation This Summer

Updated: May 19

From a bustling high street to rambling moorland, Tavistock offers the perfect selection of things to see and do this Summer. Whether you are interesting in walking, shopping, natural beauty or simply a bit of family time, Tavistock is an ideal spot for all of these things! Who says you need to go abroad for an AMAZING holiday?

What Actually Is a ‘Staycation’?

A staycation (or also know as a ‘Holistay’) is an opportunity for individuals and families to enjoy staying in their country and participate in an array of leisurely activities in the surrounding area.

In a year that has been filled with the message to stay at home, this could be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauties our own country has to offer and help support the local businesses that rely on tourism in the UK.

So lets take a look at why Tavistock would be a great Staycation:

1. Tavistock Is Part Of An Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

Tavistock is part of the Tamar Valley Natural Area of Outstanding beauty, which is located on the Devon and Cornwall border. It is a special landscape that is defined by the rivers Tamar, Tavy and Lynher. The area is famous for its mining heritage sites and places that are wildlife hotspots! Tavistock’s town centre offers great beauty from its parks and architecture, but is also surrounded by remarkable natural landscapes. There is so much to explore in the town and the areas around it!

2. Fascinating History & Heritage

Not only does Tavistock offers spectacular beauty both in the town and in its surrounding areas, but it is known for its unique heritage. Tavistock is known for its World Heritage status, placing it on a par with international treasures like Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. It forms the largest industrial World Heritage Site in the UK, with over 20,000 hectares spread over Cornwall and West Devon. The permanent protection of this countryside is important to people all over the world and why the area has been given World Heritage Status. With its strong mining history, Tavistock is now considered a Stannary Town. King Edward 1’s Stannary Charter in 1305 established Tavistock as an important location for weighing and stamping tin, which was exported in large volumes to Europe.

It is this rich history that makes Tavistock such a fascinating and beautiful place to visit, with its 19th century architecture and its protected surrounding beauty.

If you would like to know a little bit more about its heritage, check out the Tavistock Heritage Trust.

3. Located On The Edge of Dartmoor