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Tavistock is proud to be at the forefront of sustainability and Fairtrade initiatives, setting an inspiring example for communities looking to make ethical and environmentally responsible choices. The town's dedication to these principles is evident in various aspects of daily life, encompassing businesses, events, and local activism. 

Tavistock's commitment to sustainability is showcased in its vibrant market scene. The Pannier Market, a historic hub for local commerce, often hosts eco-friendly and Fairtrade stalls. Shoppers can explore an array of sustainable and ethically sourced products, from artisan crafts to organic foods. These initiatives promote responsible consumerism, highlighting the value of supporting products that are kind to both people and the planet. 

Local businesses in Tavistock have also embraced the principles of sustainability and Fairtrade. Many establishments prioritise sourcing products with ethical and environmental certifications. Whether it's a café serving Fairtrade coffee or a boutique promoting sustainable fashion, Tavistock's entrepreneurs are actively contributing to a global movement for positive change. 

Tavistock's commitment to sustainability extends beyond the marketplace. The town regularly hosts events and workshops that promote eco-conscious living. These gatherings bring the community together to learn about renewable energy, waste reduction, and the importance of supporting sustainable agriculture. This collective effort fosters a sense of responsibility and a shared vision of a greener future. 

Furthermore, Tavistock's dedication to ethical practices is also reflected in its support for Fairtrade products. The town is recognised as a Fairtrade Town, a designation that signifies its commitment to promoting fairness and equitable trading relationships between producers in developing countries and consumers in the UK. 

In conclusion, Tavistock's journey towards sustainability and Fairtrade is a shining example of a community embracing ethical practices and mindful consumption. The town's commitment to responsible living is evident in its markets, businesses, and community events. By actively supporting sustainability and Fairtrade, Tavistock stands as a beacon for other communities seeking to make a positive impact on the world while preserving their local environment and heritage. 

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable Tavistock

There are many ways that organisations and businesses in our town are supporting sustainable living.

Walking or cycling into town, buying locally produced goods and using refillable containers will cut your own carbon footprint. 


Fairtrade Tavistock

Choosing Fairtrade means standing with farmers for fairness and equality.


With Fairtrade you change the world a little bit every day. Through simple shopping choices you are showing businesses and governments that you believe in fair and just trade.

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